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Manufacturer Of NDT Equipments Like :


Portable Type Crack Detectors

Mobile Type Crack Detectors

Coil Type Crack Detectors

Yoke Type Crack Detectors

S.P.M. (Special Purpose Machines)


Bar Testing Machines

Inline Crack Detection

Universal Type Crack Detectors


Quality Monitoring

Crack Detectors

Magnetic Crack Detectors

Electromagnetic Crack Detectors

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Our Product Range

NDT Equipments (Non Destructive Testing Equipments)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Installation of NDT Equipments, Non Distructive Equipments, NDT Accessories and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India
The field of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that plays a critical role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost effective fashion. NDT technicians and engineers define and implement tests that locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might otherwise cause planes to crash, reactors to fail, trains to derail, pipelines to burst, and a variety of less visible, but equally troubling events.
These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material. In other words, NDT allows parts and material to be inspected and measured without damaging them. Because it allows inspection without interfering with a product's final use, NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, NDT applies to industrial inspections. Technology that is used in NDT is similar to those used in the medical industry; yet, typically nonliving objects are the subjects of the inspections.


Portable Type Crack Detectors Mobile Type Crack Detectors Coil Type Crack Detectors Bar Testing Machines Universal Type Crack Detectors Yoke Type Crack Detectors



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